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This project contains Visual Studio Extensions (VSIX) projects with item and project templates for Microsoft StreamInsight development, helping developers build common items more quickly. Templates for projects and adapters are included.

Current Project Templates

  • StreamInsight Console Application: basic console application with references to StreamInsight components.
  • StreamInsight Library: Windows DLL project with references to StreamInsight components

Current Item Templates

  • Typed Input Adapter
  • Typed Output Adapter
  • Untyped Input Adapter
  • Untyped Output Adapter

Notes on creating adapters

The adapters are multi-file templates and include factories, config classes and adapter implementations for all event shapes. For typed adapters, an event type is also added. Because of this, do not include long, verbose names when creating the adapters. Instead, use a short description of your source or destination. For example, if you were creating a WCF Input Adapter, when creating the new adapter, you would name it "Wcf". Class and file names will then be built from this root.

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